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Seal Mitted


Ethiopia is the sweet bear. So soft, so sweet, always surprised but so so huggable.


Blue Lynx Mitted


Eskimo is Eskimo. Period. So playful but always ready to snuggle with me in bed.


Seal Mitted


Ecuador is s sweet little devil. Always in strategies with whom to play and fight, always making plans for something. But when I hug him - we melt.

Litter "E"


Born on the 24th of June 2015. 3 sweet girls and 3 boys.

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Seal Mitted


Elba is as sweet as melba smile emoticon But don't let that look fool you. She is so strong and so independant - always ready to fight for her rights


Seal Mitted


Evora is the gentle little doll. So delicate, so searching for love and at the same time shy. She is independant but at the same time loves to be around us.


Seal Lynx Bicolor


Erongo is the sweetest, calmest and 100% rag doll and ragdoll.