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Blue Mitted


Dakota is the craziest of them all. Always runing, always chasing, always hunting. She is also very cute and cuddly.


Dacota shares her life with Nicky and Tanya in Bourgas where she is very much loved and spoiled.


Blue Colorpoint


Drake is the big teddy bear. As the only boy in the litter he is very spoiled and searches always for someones attention. Very clumpsy and sweet. 


Drake is still available


Seal Bicolor


Domica is evrything. Loves to chase our feet, loves attention and is very affectionate.


Dominica is staying with us.


Seal Mitted


Djerba is the quiet princess. Really sweet and hugable but a little devil in a kitten body.


Djerba now lives in Varna where she shares her love and affection with Lubomira and Alex.

Litter "D"


Born on the 7th of May. 3 sweet girls and a boy.

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