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Litter B

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Name: Barcelona

Color/Pattern: Seal Lynx Mitted

Sex: Girl


Barcelona is our sweet, loving and playful girl who loves to cuddle but at the same time likes her independance <3

Barcelona lives in Bratislava with lovely Cindy and they share an adventurous and incredible life together.

Name: Brasilia

Color/Pattern: Seal Colorpoint

Sex: Girl


Brasilia is the beasty of the litter - crazy, plaful and amazing. Her amazing velvet paws and her adorable character stole our hearts <3

Brasilia lives with Tanya and her lovely family in Burgas, Bulgaria and she plays with their other cat and big dog.

Name: Belize

Color/Pattern: Seal Bi-color

Sex: Girl


Belize is very beautiful and gentle but at the same time she is a sweet tiny devil <3

Belize lives in Seoul, South Korea and she shares her life with Jasmin's big ragdoll family.

Name: Borneo

Color/Pattern: Seal Mitted

Sex: Boy


Borneo is the gentle giant of this litter who is very good and sweet <3

Borneo lives in Sofia, Bulgaria with wonderful Vicky and Stephan and he is very much loved and happy.

Name: Brooklyn

Color/Pattern: Blue Lynx Mitted

Sex: Boy


Brooky is our faithful dog - always with us ready for play and hugs <3

Brooky shares his life with amazing Blaga and Nicky and he lives both in Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She is very spoiled and loved by the whole family. His non-human company is a big rabbit and few mice :)

Litter B was born on May 21st 2015.

5 lovely kittens - 3 girls and 2 boys!


All of them live in their new families.

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