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Litter A

ali zoni aspi ari afr pulco

Litter A was born on September 6th, 2013.

6 lovely kittens - 3 girls and 3 boys!


All of them live in their new families.

Aspen is the biggest kitten of this litter. He was the first one to be born, He is extremely tender, galant and sweet. He is our "English Lord" :)


He already shares his life with Dora in Bucharest and he has a great friend - Dora's cat Katiusa.


IMG_0459 IMG_0405 (1)

Arizona is the biggest girl from this litter. She was born second, right after Aspen. She turned out to be extremely beautiful Lady. She was always very tender and huggable.


She lives now in Brussels with Yves and Stephane together with their other 6 ragdolls and big dog. She already attended her first show and she won the hearts of the judges by winning "Best Kitten of All Breeds".


IMG_0438 1621662_692430124142156_860662722_n

Ararat or also known as Ari is the sweetest and hungriest kitten from the litter. He is always hungry and ready to steal any food. In the same time he is very huggable and purrs like a machine.


Ari shares his life with Poli and her family in Sofia, and in the face of their cat Buccio, he found a friend of a lifetime :)

IMG_0462 IMG_0347

Alaska is extremely affecionate girl who is not also a cat but a duckling because she adores water. She is very sweet and tender but at the same time very independant.


Ali lives in Sofia with the wonderful Tsvety and Joro.

IMG_0425 IMG_0420

Africa is the most curious kitten in this litter. She has to check every movement and every noise. In the same time she is very huggable and seeking for human attention.


Africa stays with us. She is Joro's favourite and he didn't manage to let her go. She is also known as the protegee :)

IMG_0445 IMG_0429

Acapulco is the last born kiiten from this litter. The first days he was so tiny that we had doubts he would make it. Thanks to his fighting spirit he managed to survive and turned out to be amazing boy. Very spoilt but very sweet and huggable.


Acapulco shares his life with Konstantina and Yavor in Varna.

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