Fishbone Mme Butterfly of Bunchoragdolls

Madame Butterfly is our beloved, gentle and sweet girl from Malta. We call her Pupa which means “doll” in Maltese. Pupa is really independent and caring girl. She likes to manage on her own but at the same time she loves to snuggle with us during the night. It is not uncommon for her to take care of our hygiene – she is licking our faces and arms. Her coat is amazingly soft and long and she is a real hug magnet. We flew to Malta to meet her and we had great time there. Thank you Petra and Mauro for trusting us with Pupa!

Blue Point Mitted

HCM/PKD - negative

Blood type: A

Show reports:


TICA, Budapest, Hungary, November 2012 (7 months of age)

3 times Best of Breed, 3rd and 2nd place Best Kitten of all Breeds, 2nd Best  Longhair Kitten




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Methodius Olivia of Bunchoragdolls

Seal Point Bicolor


Olivia, also known as Gigi, is our sweet cotton candy from Bulgaria. She is extremely playfull but also very caressing. She is very gourmand and she is ready to do everything to get an extra portion.


Gigi is no longer a part of our breeding program. She was spayed and she enjoys her life as a pet in our cattery.

Bunchoragdolls Africa

Africa is a kitten of our first litter. We felt so deeply in love in one another that it was impossible to let her go. She is our pet monkey and the most huggable kitten in the whole World. She is very naughty but she manages to make us ingnore that with a lot of love and affecion. She is George's protegee and Rossy is Africa's protegee. She is very curious and a cute little devil.

Seal Point Mitted

HCM/PKD - negative

Blood type: A