Raganddoll Bowie of Bunchoragdolls

Bowie is our special foundation cat coming from Poland. We felt in love with him the minute we saw him as a little baby. He is very purring, very loving and huggable. He is a real cat-dog – he follows us everywhere around the house, he always comes when he is called. Being the first cat carries its risks – he is very spoiled and he cannot live 5 minutes without our attention. We flew to Wroclaw to take him and we made lifetime friends there. Thank you Marek and Kasia for trusting us with this sweetheart!

Seal Tabby Mitted

HCM/PKD - negative

Blood type: A

Show reports:


CFA, Varna, Bulgaria, August 2012 (8 months of age)

4 times Best of Breed, 3rd place Best of all Longhair Breeds, 8th and 9th place - best cat of all breads

CFA Champion


TICA, Budapest, Hungary, November 2012 (11 months of age)

4 times Best of Breed, 2 x 4th place Best of all Breeds, 2nd Best in Longhair Breeds

TICA Champion + TICA Grand Champion



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