Welcome to Bunch o'Ragdolls!

Hi, we are Rossy and George - animal lovers and Ragdoll breeders.

Since we've seen a ragdoll cat for the first time, we immediately felt in love with the breed and decided to start our own cattery. We both adore animals and breeding ragdolls was the perfect excuse to have lots of cats at home.

We are a small TICA registered cattery located in Sofia, Bulgaria. All of our cats share our house without any restrictions and they are provided with all needed comfort. We are animal-right activists so we treat all animals and our cats with needed respect. We care for the breed well being and development and that is the top priority in our breeding program.

The ragdoll cat is a unique cat - it is very polite and quite, very dog like. The ragdoll will never bite, nor scratch you. All ragdolls are very huggable and very unique. They follow you everywhere around the house and always prefer to stay with you not to hide in a remote area in the house.

We love our cats from the bottom of our hearts and they are part of our family.

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